What does un-aged whiskey taste like?

The un-aged whiskey smells much like a Missouri Sweet Corn field in July. This sensation carries over at the first sip when you taste the product’s corny goodness. The sweetness lingers on the palate with a light, but not unpleasant, burn on the finish that one would expect from a young whiskey.

How is un-aged whiskey made?

Grain Bill: 40% Missouri Corn, 20% Missouri Oats, 20% Missouri Wheat and 20% Malted Barley

Over 800 pounds of grain are loaded into the distillery’s mash turn. Hot water is then added and recirculated through the grain to convert the grains natural starches into simple sugars. The resulting grain sugar wash is then transferred into one of the distillery’s fermenting vessels. A specially selected Whiskey yeast is added to the wash for fermentation. Once fermentation is complete, the Whiskey is distilled around 150 Proof, filtered through activated carbon and then proofed down to where it is bottled at 90 proof.

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