In addition to the cocktails that we make at the distillery, our fellow DogMasters whip up some fantastic DogMaster inspired cocktails at home. We love to encourage people to " play with their booze" !


From time-to-time, a special occasion warrants the creation of a unique, crowd pleasing cocktail. From birthdays to themed events, DogMaster is ready to please.


For those seeking fresh, seasonal, and non-traditional cocktails, DogMaster offers a rotating menu of seasonal cocktails. This unique menu is crafted by our cocktail tasting panel. Twelve lucky people serve on the panel where they sample a variety of cocktails and determine which should be features on our next seasonal menu.


DogMaster prides itself on providing well-crafted, liquor forward cocktails that the traditional cocktail drinker can appreciate. Familiar standards like the Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, Cosmopolitan and a dirty Vodka Martini are always on the menu.

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