Standard Cocktails

DogMaster Vodka Cocktails

Bloody Mary $8
vodka, house made bloody mary mix, bacon salt rim

Cosmopolitan $8
vodka, triple sec, lime, cranberry juice

Crazberry Cooler $7
vodka, mixed berry syrup, cranberry juice, lime

Dirty Lisa $7
vodka, olive & pickle brine, bloody mary mix, clamato

Martini $7
dry or dirty

Moscow Mule $7
vodka, ginger beer, lime

Root Beer Float $8
root beer vodka, coke, whipped cream

Vodka Tonic $7

White Russian $8
vodka, house made whiskey cream, coffee syrup, ½ & ½

DogMaster Gin Cocktails

French 75 $9
gin, champagne, lemon

Gimlet $8
gin, lime, simple syrup, mint

Gin Fizz $8
gin, mixed fruit preserves, club soda, egg white

Gin & Tonic $7

Gin & Premium Tonic $9
fentimans tonic or the bitters club tonic syrup

Negroni $9
gin, gran classico bitter, sweet vermouth

Sassy Flower $8
gin, hibiscus & rosemary syrup, limonata

DogMaster Aged Whiskey Cocktails

Angry Ginger $8
aged whiskey, vanilla syrup, vernors ginger ale

Boston Sour $9
aged whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white

Apricot Blossom $8
aged whiskey, apricot preserves, orange spiced tea

Whiskey Sour $8
aged whiskey, house sour mix, lemon, lime, cherry

DogMaster Unaged Whiskey Cocktails

Ginger Moon $7
unaged whiskey, muddled lemon & sugar, bitters, ginger syrup, house sour mix, canada dry ginger ale

Masterita $8
unaged whiskey, triple sec, lime, house sour mix, salted rim (Like it spicy? Add jalapeno syrup!)

DogMaster Bourbon Cocktails

Boulevardier $9
bourbon, gran classico bitter, sweet vermouth

Little Italy $9
bourbon, amaro, sweet vermouth

Manhattan $9
bourbon, aged whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters

Old Fashioned $9
bourbon, simple syrup, bitters

DogMaster Rum Cocktails

Cuba Libre $7
rum, lime, coke or diet coke

Daiquiri $7
rum, lime, simple syrup

Dark & Stormy $8
rum, lime, ginger beer

Mojito $8
rum muddled mint & sugar, lime, club soda

Nocturno $9
rum, coffee syrup, maple syrup, orange bitters

Painkiller $8
rum, oj, pineapple, coconut, nutmeg

Fall Seasonal Cocktails

Campfire $8
whiskey, orange bitters, orange peel, vanilla syrup, canada dry ginger ale

Cherry Kiss $8
gin, cherry bitters, chocolate bitters, luxardo, simple syrup  *option 2 – top with champagne

Earl Grey Fizz $8
gin, champagne, lemon, egg white, simple syrup, earl grey tea, orange juice

Happy Apple $7
vodka, apple cider, champagne

Ol’ Earl $9
bourbon, earl grey tea, maple syrup, muddled blackberries & raw sugar

Peach Old Fashioned $8
bourbon, black walnut bitters, peach syrup

Pumpkin Daiquiri $7
dark rum, pumpkin syrup, lime

Pumpkin White Russian $8
vodka, whiskey cream, coffee syrup, pumpkin syrup, ½ & ½

Rosemary Rum Sour $8
rum, rosemary syrup, lemon, egg white, bitters

The Nutty Russian $8
vodka, whiskey cream, coffee syrup, hazelnut creamer

Washington Apple $8
whiskey, green apple vodka, cranberry juice, sour

YooHooch $7
butterscotch vodka, whiskey cream, chocolate syrup, club soda

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