What does dark rum taste like?

Golden amber color with a pleasant vanilla nose. The rum opens up with a buttery mellow flavor. It then finishes with hints of lightly toasted oak and whiskey.

How is dark rum made?

DogMaster sources dark brown sugar from local vendors for their rum production. Utilizing the mash turn we are able to create a sugar wash which is fermented with a yeast that is suitable for Champagne production. To insure the final product has a unique sweet finish, our Rum is distilled around 130 Proof. The Rum is then aged in one of our used Whiskey Barrels for no less than three months. It is then removed and finished in a blending tank with a select blend of toasted oak ships to impart additional flavor and character. The rum is then proofed down with spring water to where it is bottled at 90 proof.

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