The idea of the DogMaster was conceived during Van’s college years. Whenever a member of his tight-knit group of friends did his own thing, such as staying home to study or going on a date, instead of hanging with the boys, he was labeled The DogMaster. This independent spirit has taken Van on many adventures, and along the way, he picked up a “partner in crime,” his wife, Lisa.

The birth of the distillery was a natural progression for the Renaissance couple who were growing weary of the typical daily grind and describe themselves as rat pack meets rockabilly. Crafting high-quality New American Spirits is a job they take seriously, but the atmosphere they intend to create is not serious at all. DogMaster Distillery combines the industrial feel of a traditional manufacturing facility with the relaxing feel of your best friend’s back deck. It’s a friendly place to enjoy a well-crafted cocktail — and to pick up a bottle to take home.

Van and Lisa look forward to providing Columbia with fine spirits mixed with their own special ingredients: a little love and a lot of laughter.

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