Grain Bill: 40% Corn, 15% Oats, 20% Wheat, 25% Malted Barley

Whiskey is simply just about anything you ferment from grain.  DogMaster Whiskey begins when over 700 pounds of grain are loaded into the DogMaster Distillery mash tun. Hot water is then added and the grain is cooked for 2 hours at various temperatures ranging from 145F to 185F to convert the grain’s natural starches into simple sugars.

Fermentation takes 3-5 days with the resulting beer being distilled to around 145 Proof.   The Whiskey is then reduced to 125 proof with spring water and stored in a new heavily charred 30 gallon Missouri White Oak Barrel. After aging the Whiskey is proofed with spring water and bottled at 90 proof.



Bronze medal, 2017 Heartland Spirits Fest

Bronze medal, 2018 American Craft Spirits Association


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